Fernwood Fitness to become 24/7 in April

BENDIGO women will soon be able to pump iron at 3am in the morning if they so desire, with Fernwood Fitness to open 24/7.

Following the lead of other Bendigo gyms, as of April 14 Fernwood Fitness - a female only gym - will allow their members around-the-clock access.

Owner Ben Cook said the policy was based on customer expectations.

"The decision is based on changes in the industry," Mr Cook said.

"The women of the world lead very demanding lifestyles.

"They want the opportunity to work out when their kids are in bed."

Mr Cook said existing members would have to pay a one-off fee of $70 to cover the cost of their swipe-in token.

He said the gym's staff members would still knock off work at the same times, but patrons could access it after-hours.

He said the gym would install a state-of-the-art security system so members felt safe.

"Members can have the option to wear personal emergency alarms any time they want," he said.

Fernwood Fitness Bendigo's membership consultant Carla Doran said she had heard of cases of people falling asleep at 24-hour gyms.

"There have been cases of people falling asleep mid-workout on one of the couches," she said.

She said the gym would be equipped with sensors that would track movement, and if no movement was tracked the security hub in Melbourne would be alerted.

"If the sensors don't sense any motion the cameras will turn into the area where movement was last sensed and an announcement will come over the loudspeaker."

But, sleeping issues aside, she said other Fernwood Fitness gyms that had implemented 24-hour opening times had been successful.

She said customers had provided them with much positive feedback about the new policy.

"I have a lot of friends who play netball on the weekends and would love to be able to be able to come in in the afternoons," she said.

"Now they'll be able to."

She said many women would feel safer going to a female-only gym late at night than a mixed gym.

She said the extensive classes offered by Fernwood Fitness and its childcare services gave them a competitive advantage over other gyms and being 24-hours would increase their market appeal.

"Every other gym in Bendigo is doing it so we need to get with the times," she said.

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