WELCOME to today's live coverage of the Bendigo District Cricket Association grand final between Golden Square and Bendigo United at the Queen Elizabeth Oval.

What a magnificent day for cricket - couldn't have asked for a better one.

We're set for an exciting two days of grand final cricket between the two teams that finished first and second on the ladder.

We'll keep you updated all throughout the game.

The Addy sports department has tipped 2-1 in favour of Bendigo United:

Adam Bourke - Golden Square

Luke West - Bendigo United

Nathan Dole - Bendigo United


If you've missed any of our grand final week coverage, our grand final preview central page has all the links:


The game gets under way at noon.

Bendigo united won toss and batting first on great looking deck.

Council has done a fantastic job on the deck this year.

Can't see there being any pitch-related stories being written this year thankfully.

Both teams going through their warm-ups on the ground, 20 minutes from the start.

All points to a cracking match.

This will only be the  third time for the season Golden  Square will bat second.

Also, Leigh McDermott's win at the toss ends a run of lost tosses for the Redbacks in finals.

Players from both teams entering the arena. Here we go for the big one.

Matt Pinniger and Mark Di Fede to open for BUCCS.

Luke Baird to bowl the first over from barnard street end.

Pinniger on strike for the first pill.

3 slips and a gully for square.

1st over: 0-0. Baird bowls maiden to Pinniger.

Grant Connelly to bowl 2nd over from city end.

Di Fede clips Connelly for 4 to fine leg first ball.

A surprise with Clutton not taking the new ball for Square.

2nd over: 0-8. Di Fede 8, Pinniger 0.

Di Fede hit 2 fours in that over off Connelly, to fine leg and through point.

Lightning fast outfield here. Council have done super job on the ground.

3rd over: 0-12, Di Fede 8, Pinniger 4.

All runs in boundaries so far.

Big caught behind shout on Di Fede off Connelly. Not out.

4th over: 0-16, Di Fede 8, Pinniger 6.

Pinniger cover drive off Baird for 4, looking ominous early. He moves to 10.

5th over: 0-20, Pinniger 10, Di Fede 8.

Baird 0-8 off 3.

BUCCS now 0-26, includes 20 run in boundaries.

6th over. 0-26, Di Fede 14, Pinniger 10.

Connelly 0-16 off 3.

Got to get Clutton into attack.

Thered be a few scars still from those BUCCS batsmen when thinking back to Cluttons spell against them earlier in the year.

Both BUCCS batsmen looking comfortable.

7th over: 0-27, Di Fede 14, Pinniger 11.

Good move bringing Darren Clutton into attack now.

Hes my x-factor for Golden Square.

He replaces Connelly, who has 0-16 off 3.

Nice bit of pace from Clutton first up.

Jason Johnson under the lid at short leg for Clutton.

By the way, how good was Essendon last night. Big year ahead for the Bombers.

8th over, 0-28, Di Fede 14, Pinniger 12.

Baird continues for Square, into his fifth over, has 0-9.

Baird had a ripper season for Square, testing patience of Pinniger with his line outside off stump.

9th over: 0-28, Di Fede 14, Pinniger 12.

Maiden to Baird. He has 0-9 off 5 overs.

Mark Di Fede out, bowled by Clutton for 14.

BUCCS 1-28.

Di Fede didnt play a shot and was bowled.

Ben Gunn in at No.3 for BUCCS.

Di Fede shouldered arms... is there a worse way for a batsman to go out?

Di Fede made 14 off 28 balls, hit 3 fours.

Bit of chatter out in the field for Golden Square now.

10th over: BUCCS 1-30, Pinniger 12, Gunn 2.

Clutton has 1-3 off 2.

Pinniger looking in good nick. He moves to 14 off 30.

Interesting that Heath Behrens not batting in his customary No.3 for Bendigo United.

11th over: 1-32. Pinniger 14, Gunn 2.

Pinniger content to let anything outside off stump through to keeper.

Getting to 16 is the key number for Ben Gunn. In innings where he has made at least 16 this season, hes averaging 188.

12th over: 1-36, Pinniger 14, Gunn 6.

Baird to continue for Square into his 7th over. He has 0-11.

Square has fielded well so far.

Pinniger has a real look about him today. Wonder if this could be the last we see of him in BDCA after the grand final?

13th over: 1-36, Pinniger 14, Gunn 6.

Baird has 0-11 off 7, keeping it tight.

Clutton very sharp today with the ball.

14th over: BUCCS 1-40. Pinniger 17, Gunn 7.

Clutton 1-11 off 4 overs.

The BBQ is smelling nice.

15th over: 1-42, Pinniger 19, Gunn 7.

Baird 0-13 off 8.

Couple whizz past Gunns outside edge from Clutton.

BUCCS scored 20 off 1st 5 overs, have scored 22 off their past 10.

16th over: BUCCS 1-42, Pinniger 19, Gunn 7.

BUCCS be happy with this start.

Baird to bowl his 9th over. He has 0-13.

Clutton 1-11 off 5.

Pinniger hits his third boundary to move to 23 off 53.

Pinniger sneaks through for single, would have been out had fielder hit.

18th over: 1-47, Pinniger 24, Gunn 7.

We'll be be getting some action shots online soon.

Baird now bowling his 10th over. Square continue to field well.

Gunn looking a lot more comfortable against Baird.

19th over: 1-47, Pinniger 24, Gunn 7.

Baird has 0-18 off his 10 overs.

Pinniger pulls Clutton for 4. Batting really well. Hes 28, including 4 boundaries.

Gunn on 7 off 26.

20 overs: 1-51, Pinniger 28, Gunn 7.

Thats the first 50 on the board for BUCCS. Really good start by the Redbacks on this glorious day.

5 over score breakdowns:

5th: 0-20.

10th: 1-20.

15th: 1-42.

20th: 1-51.

Gunn starting to work into his innings well now. Straight drive for 4 off Baird moves him to 11.

BUCCS 1-55. 

21st over: 1-55,Pinniger 28, Gunn11.

Players having a drink. 1st session honours to Bendigo United.

Pinniger has got to his 28 without any problems yet.

Has a real look of resolve about him today, waiting patiently on the loose ball.

Hes has faced 66 balls for his 28, Gunn is 11 off 31 and starting to look good.

Baird has 0-22 off 11, Connelly back into the attack for Square.

Cluttons first spell was 1-15 off 7 overs.

22 overs: 1-55, Pinniger 28, Gunn 11.

Connelly starts his second spell with a maiden.

23 overs: 1-55. Another maiden. Baird has -22 off his 11, consistently putting ball outside off-stump.

Caught behind shout on Pinniger off Connelly. Not out.

Couple of experienced players in Connelly and Pinniger in battle here with ball and bat.

BUCCS 1-56... only scored 5 singles.

24 overs: 1-57, Pinniger 29, Gunn 12.

Gunn now to 16. When he makes at least 16 in an innings this season, he averages 188.

25 overs: 1-63, Pinniger 29,Gunn 18.

These two have put on 35 for second wicket so far.

Bard has 0-18off 13 overs.

26th over: 1-64, Pinniger 30, Gunn 18.

Connelly has 0-19 off 6 overs.

Change of bowler with the first over of spin coming.

Jamie Bysouth to replace Luke Baird from Barnard Street end.

Baird 13 overs, 5 maidens, 0-28.

Eaglehawk seconds in trouble against Strathdale. They are 5-54.

In the third XI, Golden Square all out for 145 v BUCCS.

The Strathdale seconds in their past 2 games have now taken 15 wickets for 96 runs.

Back here at the QEO, BUCCS 1-66 after 27overs.

Pinniger 31, Gunn 18.

If it gets through the in-field, its four on this outfield.

Pinniger has just hit consecutive fours off Connelly down to third man.

29 overs: BUCCS 1-74, Pinniger 39, Gunn 18.

They have put on 46 for the second wicket.

Square need to break this partnership.

BUCCS 1-78, they have scored 48 runs in boundaries.

Only early days, but at this stage feeling comfortable for my double of a BUCCS win and Pinniger for the medal.

But as I said, still very early days.

30th over:  1-80, Pinniger 40, Gunn 23.

They have added 52 for second wicket.

Real test for Golden Square. Going to need to call on that fighting spirit that has served them so well this season.

Nice crowd in at the Q for the game.

Couple of front-foot no balls from spinner Bysouth.

31st over: 1-86, Pinniger 44 off 98, Gunn 24 off 60.

Connelly 0-27 off 8, Bysouth 0-14 off 3.

Liam Smith starting to warm-up for Square, so more spin on the way soon. 

32nd over: 1-86. Connelly bowls a maiden, his second in a row.

Bysouth flighting the ball well for Square.

Pinniger is 45. If he can get to 50, that will be his 4th consecutive half-ton #in-form.

Gunn hits Bysouth for consecutive fours on the leg side.

33rd over: 1-96, Pinniger 45, Gunn 33.

Both batsmen in complete control.

BUCCS could be 130-odd by tea. What a position that would be to launch from after the break.

34th over: 1-96, Connelly just bowled his third maiden in a row.

Liam Smith into the attack, taking over from Bysouth, who has 0-24 off 4 overs.

Neither batsman look like getting out at the moment.

Both Pinniger and Gunn were in our Addy Team of the Year.

35th over: 1-99,Pinniger 48, Gunn 33.

Smith 3 off his first over.

71 put on for the second wicket so far.

Connelly to continue for Square.

Clutton needs to come back before tea and have another rip.

36th over: 1-99. Connelly bowls his fourth maiden in a row. #economical

Connelly conceded 11 runs off 7 overs in his second spell.

Smith bowling to Gunn... would have happened quite a bit in the nets at Strathfieldsaye in recent years.

100 up for BUCCS in the 37th over.

37th over: 1-100, Pinniger 48, Gunn 34.

Good move by Square bringing Clutton back on.

He replaces Connelly, who has 0-27 off 11 overs.

Gunn up to 40 now with a 4 through mid-wicket off Clutton.

Di Fede the only wicket so far, out for 14 earlier, bowled by Clutton.

38th over: 1-108, Pinniger 48, Gunn 42.

Partnership nowup to 80.

​20 minutes to go until tea.

Wouldnt mind knowing what the highest score at tea has been in a 2-day game this season. BUCCS might not be far off it the way they are going.

Thats 50 for Pinniger. 118 balls, 7 fours.

That's four half-tons in a row for Pinniger.

40th over: 1-111, Pinniger 50, Gunn 43.

5 over score breakdown:

5th: 0-20

10th: 1-30

15th: 1-42

20th: 1-51

25th: 1-63

30th: 1-80

35th: 1-99

40th: 1-111

Clutton has 1-25 off 9, Smith 0-6 in his 4th.

41st over: 1-114, Pinniger 51, Gunn 45.

Clutton to continue with 12 minutes to go until tea.

42nd over: 1-117, Pinniger 53, Gunn 46.

BUCCS made about 305 last time they played Square in a grand final in 2007. Could be headed to something similar perhaps with plenty of wickets in hand.

43rd over: 1-119, Pinniger 53,Gunn 48.

Smith 0-10 off 5 overs.

Coach Scott Johnson comes into the attack at city end.

Can the coach get the much-needed breakthrough just before tea?

Square getting through overs well. will have 45-odd bowled by tea.

44th over: 1-119, Johnston starts with a maiden.

Hes bowled a few of those over his long career.

Ben Gunn brings up his half-century. 50 off 110 balls with 6 fours.

45th over: 1-121, Pinniger 53, Gunn 50.

Last over before tea to be bowled by Johnson.

46th over: 1-123 at tea. Pinniger 55, Gunn 50.

Pinniger 55 not out off 135.

Gunn 50 not out off 113.

Neither batrsman have given a chance yet.

Bowling: Luke Baird 0-28 off 13, Grant Connelly 0-27 off 11, Darren Clutton 1-28 off 10, Jamie Bysouth 0-24 off 4, Liam Smith 0-12 off 6, Scott Johnson 0-2 off 2. 

Only wicket to have fallen so far is Mark Di Fede.

He shouldered arms and was bowled by Clutton for 14 in the 10th over with the score on 28.

Pinniger and Gunn's current partnership is 95.

Back into it after tea now, Liam Smith continues.

Square desperate for a wicket.

47 overs: 1-131, Pinniger 56, Gunn 57.

48th over: 1-131, maiden over to Clutton.

Ben Gunn out, one-handed catch at mid-on, huge wicket for Square.

Great catch by Scott Trollope... could it be a match-turner.

2-131 is the score in the 49th over.

Heath Behrens the new batsman.

50th over: 2-131. Pinniger 56, Behrens 0.

Gunn was out for 56 earlier.

51st over: 2-132, Pinniger 57, Behrens 0.

52nd over: 2-138, Pinniger 63, Behrens 0.

Pinniger into the 60s for the fourth game in a row.

Behrens off the mark. He'll be keen for a big one after missing out in his past two grand finals.

53rd over: 2-141, Pinniger 63, Behrens 3.

54th over: 2-141, Pinniger 63, Behrens 3.

55th over: 2-146, Pinniger 66, Behrens 4.

56th over: 2-148, Pinniger 66, Behrens 6.

150 up for Square in 57th over.

57th over: 2-154, Pinniger 72, Behrens 6.

United 1-106 v Emu Creek in EVCA grand final.

58th over: 2-157, Pinniger 72, Behres 9.

59th over: 2-157, maiden from Smith.

Luke Baird back on, replacing Darren Clutton at city end.

61st: 2-162, Pinniger 76, Behrens 9.

Ben Gunn made 57 earlier, not 56.

He faced 123 balls and hit 7 fours.

Trollopes catch to get him was one of the best I've seen in a grand final.

At his height, he was probably the only Square player who could have taken it.

Smith bowling tight for Square, has 1-35 off 14.

Baird in his 14th over also, he has 0-33.

BUCCS have added 39 overs in 16 overs since tea.

62nd over: 2-162, Pinniger 76, Behrens 9.

23 overs left in day.

Behrens cover drives Smith for 4. Hes on 13, took 46 balls to get to double figures.

63rd over: 2-168. Pinniger 76, Behrens 15.

Square getting through these overs nice and quick.

Pinniger batting in the red cap now.

Pinniger on 76. Reckon the last grand final ton was Behrens 139 not out against Golden Square in 2007.

64th over: 2-169, Pinniger 77, Behrens 15.

Baird 0-34 off 16.

Liam Smith finishes his spell. He has 1-41 off 15 overs.

Scott Johnson into the attack. he has 0-2 off 2 overs.

Both batsmen in the caps now.

Pinniger into the 80s with a 4 off Johnson.

That was Pinnigers 11th boundary in his 81.

Closing in on 800 runs for the season now.

65th over: 2-174, Pinniger 82, Behrens 15.

20 overs to go... could we start to see some Twenty20 batting.

In Squares 65 overs, they have bowled 20 maidens.

66th over: 2-174, Pinniger 82, Behrens 15.

Reckon the last final Pinniger played against Golden Square in 2010, he made 126 n.o. in a semi at Atkins Street.

Scott Johnson v Heath Behrens at the moment. These two have played plenty of cricket against each other.

67th over: 2-178, Pinniger 82, Behrens 19.

Baird continues for Square. He has 0-34 in his 17th.

Interesting to see when BUCCS flick the switch and up the ante with 18 overs to go and 8 wickets in hand.

68th over: 2-180, Pinniger 84, Behrens 19.

Johnson continues for Square.

Pinniger now faced 200 balls for his 84.

Behrens is 19 off 61.

Another cover drive for 4 for Behrens off Johnson. Picked the gap superbly. Hes 23.

69th over: 2-185, Pinniger 84, Behrens 24.

Johnson 0-16 off 5 overs.

Baird still bowling, into his 18th over.

70th over: 2-191, Pinniger 85, Behrens 29.

15 overs to go, 8 wickets in hand, fireworks should be coming soon.

5 over breakdown since tea:

50: 2-131.

55: 2-146.

60: 2-162.

65: 2-174.

70: 2-191.

Behrens and Pinniger partnership now at 62 for 3rd wicket.

71st over: 2-193, Pinniger 86, Behrens 30.

Baird into his 20th over. He has 0-42, including 7 maidens.

Behrens out, spooned catch to Clutton at mid-wicket off Baird.

He made 30.

BUCCS 3-193 in the 72nd over.

Bryan Vance the new batsman.

Behrens 30 came off 74 balls. Four boundaries.

Baird now has 1-42 in his 20th over.

Behrens and Pinniger put on 62 for the third wicket.

72nd over: 3-193, Pinniger 86, Vance 0.

Grant Connelly back into attack. He has 0-27 off 11 overs.

Replaces Scott Johnson, who has 0-18 off 6.

First time I've seen Vance bat for the year.

He gets a long way down the wicket.

Pinniger into the nervous 90s now.

He's eyeing off his second ton of the season.

73rd over: 3-198, Pinniger 90, Vance 1.

72 balls left in the innings.

Run a ball gets BUCCS to 270.

200 up for BUCCS in the 74th over. Pinniger now has 92 of them.

74th over: 3-203, Pinniger 95, Vance 1.

Square have kept their extras down to just 6.

Pinniger now one good shot away from a grand final ton. Hes 95.

Pinniger now to 99.

LBW shout on Pinniger on 99. Not out.

Pinniger cover drive off Connelly for 1 takes him to 100.

Pinniger ton comes off 214 balls, includes 12 fours.

First grand final ton in the BDCA for 7 years.

Brilliant innings.

75th over: 3-208, Pinniger 100, Vance 1.

Clutton back on from the city end.

10 overs to go, 7 wickets in hand for BUCCS.

Square 12th man David Blume in the field.

Luke Baird off the field for Square. Hes bowled 21 overs.

Cracking shot for 4 from Vance off Clutton through cover, takes him to 5.

Vance out, caught Jake Higgins b Clutton for 5.

Vance faced 15 balls for his 5, BUCCS 4-217.

Cluttons second wicket, Harry Donegan new batsman for BUCCS at No.6.

76th over: 4-217, Pinniger 105, Donegan 0.

Clutton now has 2-48 off 17 overs.

Pinniger producing one of the great BDCA grand final knocks here today.

Im tipping a score of about 270-280 here for BUCCS.

77th over: 4-218, Pinniger 106, Donegan 0.

Connelly now has 0-38 off his 14 overs.

Donegan off the mark with a single.

Pinniger cracks his 15th boundary to move to 115.

Pinniger's innings comes to an end.

Skied a catch to Tim Wood at point off Clutton.

Pinniger made 115 off 225 balls, 15 fours, 264 minutes.

BUCCS now 5-128 after 78 overs.

Clutton takes his third wicket. He has 3-58 off 18 overs.

Captain Leigh Mcdermott new batsman for BUCCS.

This has been a good fightback from Golden Square.

Need to be tight for these last 6 overs.

79th over: 5-232, McDermott 3, Donegan 2.

80th over: 5-239, Donegan 7, McDermott 5.

5 overs to go. A run a ball gets BUCCS to 269.

Clutton 3-65 off 19 overs.

Connelly bowling from Barnard St end, has 0-43 in his 16th over.

Clever flick from McDermott for 4 off Connelly, 5-244.

Still only 6 extras from Square today.

81st over: 5-247, McDermott 11, Donegan 9.

Run a ball gets BUCCS to 271.

Connelly 0-50 off 16 overs.

Clutton bowling his 20th over. Has 3-67.

Thats 250 for BUCCS, comes off 491 balls in the 82nd over.

82nd over: 5-252, McDermott 13, Donegan 12.

Clutton 3-70 off 20.

Run a ball gets BUCCS to 270.

Square looked like they could be chasing 300-plus at tea.

They have done well after the break to limit the damage.

83rd over: 5-258, Donegan 16, McDermott 15.

Connelly 0-56 off 17.

Clutton to bowl his last over from the city end.

Donegan-McDermott partnership 31 off 32.

McDermott building a picket fence in the scorebook.

4 to Donegan off Clutton, 5-264.

84th over: 5-266, Donegan 23, McDermott 16.

Donegan is 23 off 23 and McDermott 16 off 17.

Partnership is 38 off 37.

1 over to go to be bowled by Connelly.

Clutton finishes with 3-78 off 21 overs.

Last over:

1st ball: McDermott 6, 5-272.

2nd ball: McDermott 1, 5-273.

3rd ball: Donegan 1, 5-274.

4th ball: McDermott 2, 5-276.

5th ball: McDermott 6, 5-282.

6th ball: McDermott 1, 6-283.

McDermott was run out last ball going for a second.

Bendigo united finish at 6-283 off their 85 overs.

BUCCS took 17 off the last over bowled by Connelly, included two sixes to McDermott.

McDermott was run out by Jason Johnson for 32 off 26.

Harry Donegan finished 24 not out off 24.

Their partnership was 55 off 43 balls for the sixth wicket.

Square conceded just 6 extras for the day.

Scorecard for the day after Bendigo United won toss and batted:

M. Pinniger c T. Wood b D. Clutton 115

M. Di Fede b D. Clutton 14

B. Gunn c S. Trollope b L. Smith 57

H. Behrens c D. Clutton b L. Baird 30

B. Vance c J. Higgins b D. Clutton 5

H. Donegan not out 24

L. McDermott run out (J. Johnson) 32

Extras 6

6 wickets for 283

Bowling: L. Baird 1-47 off 21, G. Connelly 0-73 off 18, D. Clutton 3-78 off 21, J. Bysouth 0-24 off 4, L. Smith 1-41 off 15, S. Johnson 0-18 off 6.

Big run chase ahead for Square tomorrow, but was looking like they could have been chasing a few more than 283 at tea.

Matt Pinniger the star of the day with his 115 for BUCCS.

Bring on tomorrow, can't wait.

We'll be back again with all the day 2 action.

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