Court hears Hicks tell of burglaries and ice

THE man accused of murdering baby Zayden Veal-Whitting told an undercover police officer he had been on ice and was committing burglaries the night the child was killed.

Harley Hicks told the uncercover officer, during time together in the cells at Bendigo Police Station, he was with a friend on the night of the baby's death but they parted ways near the Eaglehawk Road home where the child died.

But the Supreme Court has heard Harley Hicks has since signed a document to say he lied and made up the story about the second man, with the Crown alleging Hicks put him up as a "false killer''.

Zayden Veal-Whitting was found bludgeoned to death in his cot by his mother on the morning of June 15, 2012. The Crown alleges Hicks committed a series of burglaries overnight on June 14/15 and killed the child.

In an audio recording played to the Supreme Court, Hicks told the officer he was with a friend that night, but they parted ways.

“Well me and that… me and the per… well, I didn’t do it, but me and the person that were together that night, I started walking up Jacksons Road, which is just pretty much the house behind where the baby got killed,’’ he said.

“Walked straight up there and Aiden turned around and goes what are you doing bro? And I said, oh I’m going home, I can’t be f…ed carrying this Xbox anymore… and um, shook his hand.

“I shook his hand and  … I said do you want a lift home … he goes oh, no man, f… that I’ve got better things to do.

“And he started heading back down towards (where) the murder happened.’’

Hicks told the officer he was being held for burglary and theft from motor vehicles.  

He said he ‘’almost knocked a lady out by accident’’ at one property and lost his shoes fleeing that property.

Hicks told the officer he stole an Xbox, phone, $180, and a set top box. He told the officer he went to one house where “there’s a big f…in massive doberman’’ locked inside, so he “took a p..s over the balcony’’ and jumped the back fence.

The trial continues.


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