Madison champion rolls into university

OPINION: Crome, Pieters celebrate one of the biggest upsets in Bendigo Madison history 

SPORT: Crome, Pieters victorious in Bendigo International Madison 

JUST hours after his stunning Bendigo International Madison victory Sam Crome was back in class at La Trobe University Bendigo.

There was little time for Crome to reflect on his victory with Dutchman Roy Pieters in the 200-lap madison.

First class for the first-year nursing student  was at 11am on the Flora Hill campus.

A lecture followed on another busy day for Crome.

Given the enormity of Sunday night's race he could have been excused from not turning up to uni.

"There's a few road racing commitments coming up in a few weeks, so it was important I be in class," he said.

It was not so long ago Crome was watching cycling's stars pursue Bendigo International Madison victory.

The 20-year-old's third start in the classic was capped by a dramatic win.

"I've been going to the madison for as long as I can remember.

"So many great cyclists have won it.

"For any Bendigo cyclist to be in the madison is always a goal.

For any Bendigo cyclist to be in the madison is always a goal. Winning is just amazing - Sam Crome

"Winning is just amazing."

Among the hundreds trackside for the madison were Crome's parents, Terry and Lyn, and 22-year-old brother Nick.

Two of Bendigo's biggest names in cycling, Tony Hughes and Rik McCaig have played key roles in Crome's road and track career.

"They have given me a lot of support and tips."

Crome said he always knew Bendigo's race was big, but became even more aware of the scale from talking to Pieters in the lead-up to the race.

"Roy said there is no other race like this (Bendigo International Madison) in the world."

Crome fought back from a series of crashes throughout last year.

"It was tough to keep going at times. I'm glad I did."

The Charter Mason-Giant team member will soon switch his focus to the Tour of Perth and Tour of Adelaide.

Crome will be aiming to shine in Thursday night's Tony McCaig Memorial club madison on Bendigo's track.  

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