Remember those left to grieve

We are each responsible for how we conduct ourselves behind the wheel

THE images on today's front page are an horrific reminder of the need to be responsible on our roads.

They are confronting and unsettling - and will no doubt stir emotion in most.

They are images that show the reality of road trauma.

But what they don't show is the ongoing impact such a tragedy will have.

Behind those images are tears and heartache, of families and communities grieving the loss of loved ones through such an avoidable event.

And behind those images are those who are first on scene - the farmer, police, the SES, the tow truck driver. Each and every person confronted by such an horrific motor vehicle crash walks away deeply affected.

Police are investigating speed, alcohol and irresponsible behaviour as possible causes of the crash - none of which will ever be acceptable on our roads.

We are each responsible for how we conduct ourselves behind the wheel - it's a trust we put in each other as motorists, that we will all respect the rules that are there to protect us.

This is what happens when people don't. People are killed. Many others are left hurting.

As Victoria Police assistant commissioner Robert Hill said, "II would say to all parents to go and hug their kids and have the conversation with them about taking responsibility on our roads''.

Please have the conversation.

Nicole Ferrie, deputy editor.

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