Showcase among the rubble as theatre lifts

WITH a flurry of the tutu and a flash of colour, the rubble became a stage for the most unusual of shows at the weekend. 

Australian Ballet Company star Alice Topp returned home to Bendigo for an exclusive show, where she performed among the debris at the Ulumbarra Theatre construction site. 

Topp put on a pair of blundstones over her ballet slippers and took to the temporary stage - all part of a series to showcase the theatre development.

Organisers hope to capture a photographic story following the building of the new theatre in the former Sandhurst Gaol.

Topp, who has been dancing since she was four-years-old, said she had danced in New York, London and Tokyo - but never in the middle of a building site. 

"I never imagined that I'd be here dancing at the old gaol building," she said. 

"This project is just so special for the community.

"It's exciting to think I might return here with the Australian Ballet Company to perform on the grand stage."

Topp's performance follows a show by pianist David Helfgott last October. 

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