Pre-planning on The Presets mind

ELECTRONIC band The Presets are planning a whole new show for Groovin the Moo.

Having tempted us with the expected release of a handful of singles this year, the band is refreshing their live show after “six or seven years” of performing the same type of thing.

“It’s still Kim (Moyes) and I on stage, making music with machines but we’ve got some great lights and fancy constructions,” vocalist Julian Hamliton said.

“We have remixed a lot of our older songs, so there is a different and more techno-y version of previous material but they are a new version you can’t hear anywhere else.”

So far this year the band has released the single Goodbye Future.

Hamilton said it was nice to make songs and not have to worry about putting them onto an album.

“It will lead to (an album) eventually but whether every song makes it remains to be seen,” he said.

“We’ll dive back into (album making) when we’re ready.

“There’s no real grand plan (with the singles). If we make a song and we like it, we’ll pop it out.

“It’s nothing more grand than that.”

Hamilton said in the past he and Moyes had hunkered down for two years to record before heading out on the road to tour the songs.

“Doing new songs when we feel like it is a lot more refreshing,” he said.

“(GTM) is such a great festival that we played at many years ago. It was great fun.

“There is an awesome line-up this year. Better than some of the city festivals. (The line-up) looks so interesting that it makes you wonder why (organisers) don’t do it in the summer.”

Hamilton is also excited to take a chance to see some of the acts performing alongside The Presets.

“There’s a whole bunch. Disclosure is one I would love to see,” he said.

“You often discover (bands) you don’t know too much about. It’s an old-school way for people to discover you especially with the internet and Facebook and everything.

“Festivals are a really great way to check out what a band really is like.”

But as well as getting ready for Groovin the Moo, The Presets have been busy collaborating on an interesting show with the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

The collaboration sees the orchestra team with the electronic band in an attempt to and present a history of music.

“When we were asked if we wanted to be involved and try and present the history of music in two hours, we thought it was so audacious and riciculous that we couldn’t say no,” Hamilton said.

“It’s been super fun to be a part of and it’s a huge job.

“You can put all the music in so it’s more about trying to draw a line from the ‘big bang’ of music.

“You start with African drums and things and end up with a major musical step that leads to us or the orchestra. It’s an interesting process.”

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