In sickness and in health

Hospital trip for 'lovesick' couple

THERE are lots of things that could go wrong at a wedding. 

It could rain on your big day, someone could interrupt the vows or the bar staff could run out of alcohol. 

In the case of Bendigo pair Sally and Pat Cox's wedding last weekend, what went wrong was a severe bout of gastro. 

The couple were married on the Echuca Wharf with the reception to take place at nearby Radcliffe's. 

Prior to the couple arriving at the venue they went for a photo shoot. 

This is when things started to go horribly wrong for the newly-weds. 

Pat started to feel sick with gastro. 

So ill, he was rushed to the emergency department at the Echuca Hospital. 

"It was terrible," Sally said. 

"We ended up having to cut the photos short so he could go up to the hospital." 

Sally said Pat was nervous before the ceremony and the sickness had come upon him all of a sudden. 

"He was like ''I think I feel a little bit hungry' just after the ceremony," she said. 

"And then he said 'I am so hungry I am sick' and then it was 'no I am just sick'."

Sally said she attracted a few "funny looks" when she walked into the emergency department in her wedding dress. 

She said the triage staff were extremely understanding and made sure the couple got attended to straightaway. 

"They took us straight through," she said. 

"They just said to people in the waiting room 'we have a bride and a groom that have priority'.

"Everyone was so good about it."

Sally said Pat was given some medication to help with the gastro and the couple returned to their reception. 

"He couldn't do much - he couldn't eat or drink," she said. 

"It meant that he could still actually go to the reception because for a while it was looking as if he wouldn't be able to go."

Sally said she had "never in a 100 years" imagined her husband would get gastro and end up in hospital on their wedding day. 

Pat said he could not believe what happened. 

"I felt terrible," he said. 

"Sally was good about it which helped.

"I can't believe it happened on our wedding day."

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