Crate Man moves on again

Crate Man has returned to his mythical place of origin to "recharge". 

The unique sculpture made an appearance in Ellis Street in Flora Hill for O-Week accompanied by a new canine crate friend.

But Crate Man was seen half dismantled around lunch time on Wednesday.

When the Bendigo Advertiser contacted Crate Man via Twitter, he assured his fans he would return.

"I have gone off to mythical places to recharge myself, though will be back when I am needed," he tweeted.

"To my fans keep your eyes out for me."

Earlier in the week, the mysterious Crate Man was in front of La Trobe University.

People walking past Crate Man stopped and inspected the crate sculpture.

"I wasn't sure what it was," one student said.

"It looks pretty cool."

Another young student who was walking to a nearby school asked the Bendigo Advertiser team what the giant crate creation was in aid of.

"What is it?," she said.

"I've never seen it before."

Records of Crate Man's appearances date back to 2007 when he emerged standing in the park at the end of Wolstencroft Road before taking refuge in the middle of a Sternberg Street roundabout.

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