Police probe Bendigo brawl

BENDIGO Police say they are taking a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour after separating a brawl in central Bendigo on Monday.

A number of people were issued penalty notices and two boys were charged with possession of controlled weapons outside the Bendigo Town Hall.

Witnesses said there were at least two people involved in a punch-on. About 20 teenagers were watching on as the fight took place.

One 23-year-old Bendigo man suffered minor injuries to his head and was treated by paramedics.

Sergeant Mark Bell said a number of behaviour penalty notices have been issued.

He said the altercation was quickly broken up after the fight started about 3pm.

"Police have been called to a scuffle involving a group of youths," he said.

"As a result there's been a number of people issued with penalty notices."

Sergeant Bell said it was a reminder for others considering getting into fights.

"There will be no warnings given," he said.  

"Appropriate action will be taken against those who commit these offences."

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