Down the Mall: Priceless parking posts prove popular

AN anonymous Bendigo bloke has been having a ball, but getting himself into a little harrumphing hot-water on Facebook this month.

He set up a Facebook page “Meanwhile in Bendigo” dedicated to photographs of some of the peculiar things Bendigo people do.

Mostly truly bizarre parking efforts, such as the one motorist who parked so weirdly he or she occupied four bays

He’s had to apologise for not blanking out the number plates in some early postings after some complaints.

He reckons he thought he’d get about 80 “likes” but at the time of writing, he’d racked up 7446 ... after just a week or so. 

It’s worth a look. Unless you’re on it. 

In which case, forget I mentioned it.

Precautions in place 

Speaking of motorists and parking… while some parts of central Bendigo have so much road work and control barriers, blocked off lanes and beeping machinery that it might seem like a parking lot, on Thursday morning this week, it became truly notable.

One bloke travelling down View Street, past Catholic College towards the fountain, found himself in the middle of a strange situation.

“From Catholic College, all the way down to the fountain – more than two big blocks – there were more than 100 orange witches hats, dozens of signs, flashing lights telling you to get into the left lane. 

"There were blokes in Hi-Viz vests everywhere… I thought there must have been a terrorist attack, or some major disaster.”


The cause for this glut of warnings and barriers was… the council was mowing the median strip.

Name hunt continues

Lyn, the lovely breeder of even lovelier corgis, was horrified last week to read in DTM that there’s been a lot of chatter about what one of her little puppies was going to be called when it was old enough to go to her new home.

We’d chucked about a few names when the rib-tickling name “Schapelle” was thrown up. 

Ha ha Schapelle ho ho Corgi hee hee.

Someone even came up with a photoshopped image of what such a beastie would look like.

On Sunday, we ran into Lyn, who made it quite firmly known that if that was the chosen name, the deal was off. 

Yep, some things should not even be joked about. 

So, the name hunt goes on.

The kids of today...

Language changes so fast and things can get lost in translation so easily.

One family was talking about things to do and an exhibition in View Street was mentioned.

It’s upstairs at the View Point Handmade Gallery until February 28. 

The promo says it’s themed around “Love and Lettering.”

During the discussion it was mentioned that special fonts had been designed to give text added meaning for more than 500 years.

The teenager of the family acted as though the lights had suddenly come on: “So… you’re not talking about sexting then?”

No, and we never will. 

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