UPDATES: Bendigo v Mornington Peninsula

5:20pm: Bendigo innings contnues, but the end is nigh.

Bendigo is 7-120 after 30 overs.

Going to take extraordinary from here for Bendigo to get through to the final.

Looks like the lads will be heading home tonight with a grand final berth just eluding them.


5:01pm: Bendigo 4-99 after 24 overs.

Plenty of work to do.

We can still overhaul Geelong if we win, and also get to 200 off our 34 overs.

Ben DeAraugo last man out for 27.

Adrian Pappin still in on 29. Need some explosive hitting.

4:54pm: Geelong defeated Sale-Maffra.

Sale batted 53 overs for 8-130 chasing Geelong's 178.

Not out of the question we can overhaul Geelong yet.

4:37pm: Bendigo now 5-81 in the 19th over.

Tough going from here now.

Need 106 runs with 15 overs remaining, but also have to keep wickets intact.

4:12pm:4-49 after 11 overs. Batsmen out King (1), Hanson (2), Taylor (4) and Johnston (22). DeAraugo (0) and Pappin (20) in.

Not all lost yet for Bendigo. Key is to make the runs, but not lose the wickets.

According to my calculations, this is what we need to score for each wicket lost to get to the G tomorrow.

10 wkts - 254.

9 - 234.

8 - 214

Who is going to play the innings to get Bendigo to the G tomorrow?

3:57pm: My maths have Bendigo needing to make 254 if they lose all 10 wickets to make the final tomorrow.

Should Bendigo lose nine wickets, that target is 234, 8 wickets is 214 and so forth.

3:53pm: The situation for Bendigo now looks like it's all about trying to chase down Mornington rather than Geelong.

Geelong are on track to beat Sale-Maffra.

Bendigo is 3-15 in the 10th over chasing Mornington's 186, so a trip to the MCG is looking unlikely.

If Bendigo loses 10 wickets, going to need to make something like 260 to be a chance of suprassing Mornington on the ladder.

3:50pm: More wickets for Geelong. They now have Sale 7-69.

Not what Bendigo needed.

3:46pm: Signs no good for Bendigo early in its run-chase.

Bendigo is 3-10 early in its innings chasing Mornington's 8-186.

Only 34 overs in the innings.

3:24pm: Latest from the Geelong game is Sale-Maffra is 5-61 in 28th chasing Geelong's 178.

Looks like Geelong are going to win that game, which won't be a favourable result for Bendigo.

Top three live ladder currently is:

Mornington - 51.04 pts

Geelong - 39.89

Bendigo - 38.50

3:13pm: On the live ladder, second-placed Geelong is currently 0.99 points ahead of Bendigo.

That's the equivalent of basically 100 runs or five wickets.

3:10pm: Mornington finish at 8-186 off their 34 overs.

Bendigo got their work cut out for them now.

2:55pm: According to my calculations, the points for the top three teams on the live ladder currently are:

Mornington - 50.70

Geelong - 39.49

Bendigo - 37.90

We need wickets. Five more up for grabs in the last few overs.

2:49pm: In other main game of interest for Bendigo, Sale is 3-48 in 19th over chasing Geelong's 178.

Live ladder update soon.

2:41pm: Mornington now 5-131 in the 27th over.

Bendigo going to need a quick haul of wickets in these last seven overs to boost their bonus points and keep Mornington to a chaseable total.

2:14pm: Latest score is Mornington 3-73 v Bendigo.

1:51pm: Looks like Geelong has been bowled out for 178 in its game v Sale.

That moves Geelong to 38.89 points.

Bendigo currently has Mornington 3-61 in the 13th over.

On the live ladder, Bendigo now has 37.40 points.

The difference between Bendigo and Geelong is currently 140 runs or seven wickets.

Adam Burns, Brent Hamblin and Ben DeAraugo have wickets for Bendigo.

Come on boys.... let's get through to the MCG tomorrow.

1:10pm: Play has just started. Got under way at 1pm.

Bendigo bowling and Mornington is 1-7.

The wicket has been taken by Adam Burns.

Wicket OK, but little soft at one end.

We've heard Geelong is 8-140 in its game v Sale-Maffra.

At one stage Geelong lost 5-3.

12:19pm: More changes to the conditions at Endeavour Hills today.

Game now to start at 1pm and been reduced to 34 overs per side.

Bendigo has won toss and will bowl first.

11:10am: Set for a 12.30pm start at Endeavour Hills today.

Game has been reduced to 40 overs per side.

The other big game of interest for Bendigo today is the clash between Geelong and Sale-Maffra.

Bendigo is 21 runs behind second-placed Geelong on the ladder.

10:05am: Big day for Bendigo at Melbourne Country Week today taking on the undefeated Mornington Peninsula at Endeavour Hills.

Bendigo enters today's final round sitting third on the ladder, effectively 21 runs behind the second-placed Geelong.

Today is one of those all too familiar round four Melbourne Country Week games where a Bendigo win may - or may not - be enough to get through to tomorrow's final, depending on how other games unfold.

Play has been delayed following overnight rain.

Umpires will have a look at the situation at 11am.

Bendigo confident the game will start and be pushed back to reduced overs.

Game can be cut as short as 20 overs per side.

May not get a start until as late as 1pm.

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