Emotional times

HEY everybody.

I've had a very busy and exciting week.

The Cavaliers went into the All-Star Weekend with four wins in a row, and I spent a few days at Saint Mary’s.

We have played 53 games and have 29 to go in the regular season. I think we are set to finish off the season strongly and make a run towards the play-offs.

It was a quick visit to Saint Mary’s, but it was great to watch the boys play two games, see a lot of friends and spend some time with Mum and Dad.

Enjoying the warmer weather, I took Mum and Dad to some of my old spots in Moraga like the Lafayette Reservoir, Cheesecake Factory and Vitality Bowl. 

It was pretty cool to have Mum and Dad rebound for me, just like old times.

One thing that we did do was walk up to the cross, which is on top of the hill that looks over the Saint Mary’s campus.

It has an awesome view of the hills surrounding SMC, the new baseball field and all the school buildings.

It was Mum and Dad’s first time up there since my recruiting trip in 2008, which reminds me of an interesting story.

Coach Bennett was giving the three of us a great tour of campus in a golf cart. He then decided to head up the bumpy dirt track that had a steep incline.

There was dust everywhere and we were hanging on for dear life. Mum was still trying to video with one hand and not fall out at the same time.

We got to the steepest part of the hill and almost came to a standstill, so I jumped out so we wouldn’t start rolling backwards.

It was a fun way to experience Saint Mary’s campus for the first time.

The singlet retirement ceremony was very special.

It was awesome having Mum and Dad standing there with me, as well as the Australian Consulate-General of San Francisco Nigel Warren, the former president of the school, Brother Ron Gallagher, new president James Donahue, coach Bennett and Tom Meschery.

It was an honour to have Tom at the presentation; he is the only other men’s basketball player to have his number retired.

It was great to have some former team-mates - Mickey McConnell, Tim Williams, Phil Benson - at the game, too.

The fans gave me a standing ovation, which made it hard for me to hold it together for my speech.

I’m glad I got the chance to thank a lot of people for making my experience at Saint Mary’s a great one. It is definitely something that I will never forget.

 It was great to see my Cleveland team-mates do well during All-Star Weekend.

Kyrie Irving won the All-Star Game MVP and Dion Waiters had a great game in the Rising Stars game.

It was nice to have a bit of a break, but I’m back in Cleveland now and ready to get back into it.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for the support.

Number retirement a touching experience

It is definitely something that I will never forget.

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