Pet missing after car crash

A BENDIGO man is urging the public to assist in the search for his best friend, his beloved dog Stornch, that went missing after a car crash in Newbridge. 

Daniel Hunter temporarily discharged himself from hospital on Sunday so he could begin the search for his staffy he believes ran off after the two-car collision about 5pm Saturday. 

"Since Sunday I have door knocked all of Newbridge, easily 100 houses," he said

"I went to (Bendigo) hospital with minor injuries, just concussion and minor lacerations.

"But discharged myself for an hour on Sunday so I could start searching for him.

"My whole family is helping me, I've got family who have come up from Melbourne to help look.

Police appeal to public to help find beloved staffy 'Stornch'

He's my best friend – he means so much to so many people. - Daniel Hunter

"He is a real loved pet."

Mr Hunter said Stornch was in the front seat of the car when it crashed. 

"The front window smashed so I think he got out that way.

"He's my best friend - he means so much to so many people." 

Mr Hunter said the dog was a cheerful loving animal who was a great companion.

"He could be anywhere in Maldon or Laanecoorie," he said.

"I've had him for about six years." 

Police contacted the Bendigo Advertiser on Monday asking for assistance in finding the dog. 

Bridgewater Police Leading Senior Constable Mike Balazs said Mr Hunter had been "distraught" since his dog ran off. 

"No-one was seriously injured.

"But this guy is just so upset about his dog we would love to get the public's help.

"He was taken to hospital with minor injuries but discharged himself early to search for his staffy."

Mr Hunter is hoping  for a happy ending like there was last week when firefighters rescued a cat that had been missing for two days. 

Firefighters managed to rescue Jordan the cat from a palm tree on Friday. 

Crews secured a ladder while the cat's owner Tony Flinn retrieved the animal from the tree. 

Mr Flinn said he had moved to Bendigo just weeks ago and Jordan had been missing for two days. 

He said it had been a distressing time and was over the moon to be reunited with his cat. 

"It was really horrible to think we'd just moved here from Sydney so she's not used to the area," he said.

"She's wandered off, normally we lock her in, and we didn't see her for two days.

"Everyone's been marvelous - a big thanks to the firefighters."

If anyone finds Stornch they can contact Bridgewater Police Station on 5437 3232.

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