Noise concerns at airport

A RESIDENT has aired her concerns regarding the expansion of the Bendigo Airport and is urging council to consider moving the development elsewhere. 

Councillors approved a planning scheme amendment and planning permit application this week, which will enable future runway development.

Under plans, the development will include construction of a 1600-metre long and 30-metre wide runway and a business park to be built on site. 

Noise and height restrictions will be required at further houses in the area, as well as the removal of native vegetation to allow for the $19 million project to take place. 

Council planning director Prue Mansfield said while some houses would have further restrictions under the proposed amendment, the changes would only be minor. 

However McIvor Road resident Rae Logan disagreed, saying the changes could significantly impact on residents nearby.

"We understand this is a huge opportunity and we're not against development," she said. 

"We just ask they consider putting it somewhere else, in a more rural setting, so not so many people are impacted."

Ms Logan said the debate began 24 years ago, and she was "losing faith" in the airport committee. 

While she says she doesn't want sympathy, she does "want residents' concerns to be noted". 

"My windows rattle every time a plane goes overhead - there's just no protection," she said. 

"I've pretty much been told to get over it, and asked by other people why I moved there in the first place. 

"I like where I live, I just want my views considered."

When asked about noise restrictions by Ms Logan in the ordinary council meeting this week, Ms Mansfield said she could not answer questions on outstanding planning matters. 

City of Greater Bendigo's Phil Hansen said there was only two to three noise complaints from residents per year.

And councillor James Williams, who also lives near the development, said despite the prospect of bigger aircrafts using the airport, the noise would not increase significantly. 

"Because of modern technology, these bigger planes won't make much more noise," he said. 

"The only aircraft I hear are emergency helicopters and I'd never complain about those because of the vital role they play in keeping us safe."

At the ordinary meeting, councillors noted the need to upgrade the "substandard" piece of infrastructure. 

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