Down the Mall: Well-intentioned efforts sadly backfire

DTM can assure you there are no porkies about this next story. 

Are there, Rob?

One Bendigo-based agricultural firm has a very highly refined social conscience and maintains two firefighting vehicles of its own to help fight any fires that might break out in the district.

These well-equipped little machines can be at the scene of a fire in mere moments.


One of them suffered a catastrophic mechanical failure somewhere in its guts… and set fire to itself and its immediate surrounds.

Once Rob knew DTM was taking notes, the story suddenly ended.

Comical corgi 

Look, we’d love to take credit for the following, but it was thunked up by someone very close by.

The good thing is that we have milked this yarn for all it’s worth.

In this (let’s say) very familiar household, a beloved rascally corgi named Ruby passed away about three months ago.

There was great sadness. 

She left a very large (actually corgi-shaped) hole in the household. 

But time soothes and it was time to move on.

The lovely folk who bred little Rubes said they had a litter of corgies due any moment, so an order was placed.

In this familiar household, there’s been a great deal of discussion about what the new little beastie should be named. 

Fergie? Sarah? Cindy? Chrissie?

After watching the TV news, the lady of the house leaped off the couch and shouted: “Eureka! I have it. Our new corgi should be...Schapelle!”

A lot of chortling, guffawing and high-fiving went on at this bon mot and the story got flung far and wide.

Whereupon, one of DTM’s oldest but weirdest mates (with far too much time on her hands) sent us the following picture.

Trend takes hold

DTM recently had a grizzle about the number of young women being seen in neighbourhood supermarkets wearing pyjama bottoms. 

Seems the fad is a little more widespread than we’d assumed. We had the following message from Deb, presumably a proud Eagle-Borough citizen.

“Not long back from Vietnam, where one of our "What the…" moments was the number of locals bandying about in public in their PJs. 

“Thankfully, arrived home safely, with none of us succumbing to this strange local habit. 

“Your story also reminded me of the time when I was confronted by a fully grown young lady in a fully grown Dorothy the Dinosaur PJ number, complete with tail and slippers!

“If I had not have been so astonished, I would have reminded said young lady, such attire is usually reserved for going to the mall. Not the local burra supey!”

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