Domestic violence can happen to anyone

“I WANT to tell everybody that family violence happens to everybody, no matter how nice your house is, how intelligent you are, it happens to anyone and everyone.''

These are the words of a very brave and unspeakably sad mother, who this week lost her child in the most incomprehensible circumstances.

The words of Rosie Batty, who lost her 11-year-old Luke son at the hands of his father.

Luke's father was subject to an intervention order which meant he could only see his son during sporting events and according to his mother, had recently been respecting those boundaries.

She believed she was making the right decision in allowing her son to spend a few more minutes with his father at cricket practice - never expecting he had chosen that moment to strike.

Such is the case with the cycle of family violence. 

But many will be wrongly questioning why Rosie allowed her son to spend more time with a man subject to an order.

The answer is what most women would say, that they wanted their children to have a relationship with their father. 

Rosie correctly states that whatever decision you make in a family violence situation, you are judged.

“When you’re involved in family violence, friends, family judge you,'' she said.

“The decisions you should make, even the decisions you don’t make. You’re the victim, but you become the person that people condemn.

“People reading this will say, why didn’t she protect him, why didn’t she make certain decisions but when you actually finally decide enough is enough ... you do not know what the outcome will be.''

Sadly, that outcome was what happened this week.

It was not Rosie's fault in anyway. 

Regardless of a history of 'failure' and homelessness, Luke's father made a premeditated choice to take his son's life. 

Let's not minimise this hideous act of violence by finding excuses for it.

- Nicole Ferrie, deputy editor

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