Six-car crash in Golden Square

UPDATE, NOON: Constable Lee Clayton said eight cars were involved in the incident.

Two cars were towed from the scene and traffic is now flowing as usual.

"What a mess," Constable Clayton said.

"There was one car attempting to make a right-hand turn, another car has stopped, neither of those two were hit.

"Then the third in the chain has jumped on the brakes, the fourth in the chain has stopped before it hit the third but has then been shunted into the third when the fourth was hit by the fifth."

Constable Clayton said six cars were damaged in the incident.

"There were eight involved," he said.

"It's bad, poor driving.

"People are not paying attention and leaving enough distance between cars.

"People are just sitting too close - it's failure to maintain a safe distance.

"People don't seem to get the message that they will still get where they are going every bit as quick.

"It's just inattention and impatience.

"It's the sort of accident that just should not happen."

A female was taken to hospital with superficial injuries to her wrist.

UPDATE 11.10AM: Another two cars were involved in the incident. 

One woman, who did not wish to be named, said it was like a domino effect. 

"It was just like bang, bang, bang," she said.

EARLIER: Police have been called to a four-car crash in High Street, Golden Square. 

It appears a vehicle was attempting to turn right.

One lane has been blocked. 

More to come.

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