Past conditions led to high risk


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CONDITIONS in the lead up to yesterday's fire danger period were similar to those of Black Saturday, says a CFA incident controller. 

Ahead of the weekend, Victoria Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said the state would face the worst bushfire threat since Black Saturday. 

Trevor Roche, who controlled the Maiden Gully fire, said while he could not comment on whether they were similar, he said conditions prior to the weekend had contributed to the high fire risk. 

"I don't like to draw comparisons (between Black Saturday and yesterday's fire)," he said. 

"Certainly the risk was very high, there is no question about that," he said. 

"We have had this build up over the past couple of weeks."

Mr Roche said firefighters were prepared and contained the grassfire quickly.

"It was not a nice day," he said. 

"They were difficult conditions, and it was hot and windy.

"We had a period of long term dry as everybody is aware over the last few weeks.

"Interestingly the area was similar to where the Black Saturday started.

"The response was very quick and determined, and that is why they pulled it up as quickly as they did."

Mr Roche said to his knowledge there was no damage to property or livestock. 

He said Victoria Police closed traffic off at the Calder Highway, Schumakers Lane and Maiden Gully Road. 

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