VIDEO: Never an excess of INXS

Meet Bendigo's biggest INXS fan!

AMID the many television promotions that viewers have suffered through this summer, one has stood out.

INXS: Never Tear Us Apart will screen on Sunday night and is expected to garner big ratings.

Telling the tale of the Aussie band's origin, part one (of two) runs right up until the release of one of the band's most successful albums, Kick, in 1987.

Part two (which screens next Sunday) follows the band in a world they dominate right up until the tragedy of 1997.

Bendigo's biggest INXS fan, Darren Cleave, is excited for the screening.

"I don't know if I am Bendigo's biggest fan," he said.

"I know a few guys around town who are pretty big fans.

"But I am very passionate and very loyal."

Mr Cleave said he thinks the show will be a chance to reminisce about the band.

"I can't wait for Sunday night," he said.

"It's going to be like going to a concert."

Mr Cleave started collecting INXS memorabilia early on and now has collector's items like INXS video games, cigarette packets and VCR tapes.

All of his vinyl albums have also been loyally transferred to CDs.

"You used to see things like limited editions at stores and I started collecting them. I really loved it," he said.

"I had the opportunity through work (as a removalist) to get backstage passes.

"A publicist got in contact with me and said I could have a backstage pass for the Bendigo show but a week before something tragic happened."

The tragedy was lead singer Michael Hutchence's suicide in a Sydney hotel.

But out of the blue Mr Cleave got another INXS call.

"The publicist got back in touch and asked if I wanted to go to the funeral," he said.

"It was absolutely surreal. The who's who of people of people were there.

"At the wake I got to meet a few famous people, which was an honour but obviously the band was very upset, so it was a low-key affair."

With the 1997 death of Hutchence, a shock to many in the music industry as well as INXS' fans, the show will be well watched.

Fans excited to hear the tale of a band

Young actor Luke Arnold has the challenge of bringing Hutchence to the screen.

"I've done everything I can to tell his story in a way that is truthful, honours his memory and shares his journey with the audience," Arnold said.

"Not all of that is roses and sunshine but neither are any of our lives if you put them under the microscope."

Watch an interview with Bendigo's biggest INXS fan Darren Cleave on the Bendigo Advertiser website.

INXS: Never Tear Us Apart screens at 8.30pm on Sunday on Prime 7.

I can't wait for Sunday night. It's going to be like going to a concert. - Darren Cleave

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