Team talk on hot topics

COLLABORATION and locals teaching locals are two themes that have been a major helps to the CFA and Queensland Fire and Rescue teams.

Queensland firefighters have been helping with fires throughout central Victoria as well as exchanging ideas away from the fire fronts.

CFA community education coordinator Paul Tangey said the Queensland Fire and Rescue's assistance to the CFA and communities had been excellent.

"It's a great state partnership that will be a continual thing for the next month," he said.

"We may be called on to help out up there. It is something we've done previously with New South Wales."

"Fire doesn't have boundaries and in the short conversations I have already had I've learnt and have been able to share other things. It is specialist knowledge."

The CFA’s Loddon Mallee Community Education Group and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service’s Department of Community Safety have been impressed by the great work being carried out within communities.

"You talk about collaboration and working together, in Victoria we aim to work as one across the agencies and we can work as one nationally," CFA regional director Mike Wassing said.

"The great benefit of this is the shared resources and capability.

"Our fire season has been widespread and prolonged. Sometimes it is large fires at particular time and others are a prolonged bout of weather that sees more and more fires."

Mr Wassing said teh CFA had been hard at work putting out fires since October.

"The fire danger period started in October in Mildura and we have seen major fires right across the region since Boxing Day," he said.

"It has a progressive fatigue issue and given the projected weather for this week, we're probably busy for another month at least." 

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services officer Aerron Patterson said the local knowledge provided by volunteers and CFA officers was outstanding.

"Everyone been so fantastic here. Without them to support us our job would be so much harder," he said.

"Some fires run 24/7 on a day and night shift, that's why (the CFA) asked for support.

"If you look at the state map there's hundreds of dotted fires all around state. They're not localised in one area."

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