Ice remains huge threat to our city

TWO court cases in Bendigo Magistrate's Court on Tuesday show ice remains a huge threat to our city.

The first saw a man commit more than 40 driving offences and assault police while under the influence of ice.

He later kicked his cellmate in the head.

How such behaviour attracts nothing more than a community based order is perhaps the reason why people have become increasingly disillusioned with the court system.

The second saw a man plead guilty to being on ice while threatening to kill a woman and slit the throat of boy before saying he would use petrol on their house.

This man will be sentenced in March.

The community has done some great work in regards to ice, holding forums to discuss ways to combat the growing use of the drug and the serious consequences for users and innocent victims who get in their way.

What's clear from the two cases above and many others that have come before our court system in recent times is that there's much more that must be done on this issue.

The common trend with these ice cases is the violent nature that surrounds them.

The common trend with these ice cases is the violent nature that surrounds them.

Many ice cases involve serious assaults and that's something our community should be extremely concerned about.

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