Karen group seeks donations

A KAREN youth group is trying to raise money for cultural and welfare projects in the community. 

Karen community leader Ashin Moonieinda said the Bendigo-based group was hoping to raise about $3000. 

"They are selling noodles and other foods to people," he said. 

"The group is selling (the food) at our monthly meetings."

Mr Moonieinda said the group is called the Karen Buddhist Dhamma Dhutta Foundation.

He said the group was made up of 30 people and the fundraising drive was about teaching the members to use their money wisely. 

"I am going to teach them how to get money and how to save money," he said.

"How to use money and not over spend."

The January meeting took place at the weekend, with the group raising $400. 

Mr Moonieinda said donations could be made at the Yagu Festival on March 1 and 2. 

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