Peddling health awareness

A BENDIGO man in his 60s plans to cycle 4000 kilometres across Australia to raise awareness about sustainable food and healthy eating.

Other people my age couldn't do this and I'm convinced I can because of how I eat. - Paul Lamb

Some people would say he is crazy for even contemplating this ambitious trip, but Mr Lamb says he is up for the challenge.

The keen cyclist has previously completed a long-distance ride from Bendigo to Perth, clocking 3200 kilometres over 20 days.

"Other people my age couldn't do this and I'm convinced I can because of how I eat," he said.

The 66-year-old has been on a plant-based diet since he was in his early 30s. 

The occupational therapist sees many patients with chronic health problems. 

"I believe that poor lifestyle choices are resulting in chronic health problems," Mr Lamb said.

Mr Lamb will average 160 kilometres each day throughout his journey, 20 kilometres a day short of his previous long-distance ride. 

Environmentalist and virtual tour expert Michele Huthnance, also from Bendigo, will document Mr Lamb's journey online, making it the first virtual tour of its kind across Australia.

Ms Huthnance will take photos and videos along the way, updating facebook and the website on a daily basis with images of the outback.

As part of the journey, Mr Lamb and Ms Huthnance will raise funds for two food-related causes:

Education and research for motor neurone disease – one of the diseases known to be effected by an animal protein and processed food diet.

And The Orangutan Project – an organisation that is working to reduce the impact of palm oil production on the precious rainforests of Borneo.

"As an occupational therapist I see many cases of motor neuron disease and I don't understand why it happens to people," Mr Lamb said.

He is also thinking about going to Borneo to try to stop deforestation.

"We only have a year until the orangutan becomes extinct, we need to make people aware of the devastating effects of using palm oil."

Mr Lamb leaves Melbourne on April 6, 2014 and will arrive in Darwin 25 days later.

Further details including how to donate or sponsor this journey can be found at and the Peddling Health facebook page.

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