Down The Mall: Claims of fowl play as farm plans laid

They’re crying fowl over Baringhup way today after some scrambled chook farm moves went back on the front burner.

There had been a "couple of hundred" objections to the 24-shed chook farm application according to Mount Alexander Shire, and you could hear the shouts of joy from Bendigo when the application lapsed last December.

But… a new plan has been hatched and lobbed before the council.

And now council says all those hundreds of objections don’t count because they related to the old application.

Locals say they’re egg-sasperated.

Careful where you do it
You know how dogs let their tongues hang out in the breeze on days like this? Well, it seems humans can do something similar.
According to a yoga site DTM was directed to, you can cool yourself down by a special breathing technique called Sheetali pranayama. You poke your tongue out, roll it up at the side so it’s a sort of tube. Then you suck in air over your tongue, hold it in for a while and exhale slowly through the nose.
We wouldn’t advise it if you’re waiting in a court room, police station or about to be breathalysed.
“Why are you poking out your tongue at me, sir?”
“Sheetali pranayama.”
“Right! It’s off to the cooler for you.”

Cooler than it looks
You might be interested to know monkeys lick their wrists to keep cool.
It might not look cool, but apparently it is.

Who said this was okay?
Has anyone else noticed a curious fashion trend in our supermarket aisles?
We could (sort of) cope with young folk wearing animal-themed “onsies”, but this is even further out there.
In recent weeks we have seen at least three young women wandering the aisles wearing… pyjama pants bottoms. Oh, and T-shirts or something suitable on top.
But who has determined that patterned PJ pants are suitable public wardrobe?

Garbage detective
There is a growing problem with garbage being dumped in the forests around Bendigo. We’ve all seen it or seen photographs of it.
Parks Victoria and the City of Greater Bendigo are annoyed about it and reminded people yesterday that anyone who dumps rubbish risks being issued with an on-the-spot fine of $288 and/or appearing before a magistrate.
One of DTM’s more motivated mates, Terry, loves riding his bike in the forests and has his own way of getting even with the illegal dumpers.
He sorts through the muck and rubbish by hand and it is amazing how often he finds names, addresses, phone numbers etc on bills and invoices in the rubbish.
He then reports them directly to the City.

Contestant fails
Many folk are still flabbing their gasts after this week’s Millionaire Hot Seat question: the large gold nugget found west of Bendigo in 1869 was called the Welcome what:
The 33-year-old contestant, Mark, went for the fourth option... 
Back Kotter. 

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