Relationship vouchers get tick of approval

CENTACARE Sandhurst has welcomed a new initiative set to strengthen family relationships and potentially save marriages.

We welcome any initiative that supports and strengthens family relationships. - Peter Richardson

CentaCare Sandhurst executive director Peter Richardson has praised the federal government's 12-month "relationship vouchers" trial.

Under the trial scheme, the government will offer 100,000 couples a $200 subsidy for "marriage and relationship education and counselling, including components of parenting education, conflict resolution and financial management education".

"It's a great idea if it's going to enhance the relationships people have with each other and make their family lives much better," Mr Richardson said.

"It will be interesting to see how it's rolled out and it works."

Mr Richardson said the $200 vouchers would not go far, most likely only paying for a couple of sessions, but it could be a great opportunity to introduce families and couples that are genuinely in need to the qualified professionals.

"Our hope is that it's going to actually introduce people to personnel from our organisation or from other organisations and people will think, 'Oh, that wasn't actually too bad', and they'll continue to get the help and assistance that they need.

"We welcome any initiative that supports and strengthens family relationships and the healthy functioning of couples."

The $20 million trial will run nationally for 12 months with results to be evaluated.

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