Outrage over dog left in car

A WOMAN who reported a dog in a parked car in Bendigo says she was shocked and outraged that someone kept their pet in the hot vehicle.

The woman - who asked not to be named - said the dog was in the car for more than an hour on Tuesday.

"I put a note in the car saying that you should be ashamed," she said.

"I was just shocked that someone would do this.

"I came out of Coles and saw the dog in there. It was sitting in there with a bottle of water with a lid on it. I waited in the 40 degree heat to try and find whoever owned it then I went into the butchers and used their phone to call police."

The woman said she saw the car owner return to the vehicle and put her bags away but then she left again.

"I saw her disappear back into Coles. I went in there and they put a call over the speaker about her car details.

"By the time she came out the police officer was holding the dog. It was at least an hour and 20 minutes from the time I first saw it in there. It was a disgrace."

Bendigo Police reported that the dog was OK after it was retrieved from the car.

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries has urged pet owners to make sure they look out for animals, as well as their families on days of extreme heat and bushfire risks.

DEPI Manager Animal Health and Welfare operations Robert Suter said it was important to plan ahead and prepare for the safety and welfare of pets.

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