Bendigo police put focus on older drivers

BENDIGO police are calling on families to keep an eye on the driving habits of their older relatives. 

This month's Victoria Police road policing theme is Older Road Users and police are encouraging people to sit down with their loved ones and have a chat about their driving.

Acting Senior Sergeant Bruce Simpson said the majority of older people were perfectly capable of driving safely but, sometimes, physical and mental changes that accompany ageing could impact their abilities behind the wheel.

"It's all about people being aware that we have an aging population and that there's going to be more and more older people on our roads," he said.

"Older people aren't represented in our fatalities so it's not like we're targeting them for a particular reason.

"We're just reminding people that often our vision and our hearings not as good as we get older so sometimes we have to make changes to our driving behaviour." 

Three year licences for drivers aged over 75 have been introduced to encourage people to voluntarily assess their fitness to drive on a regular basis.

More information about older drivers is available at

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