Change of jersey number for team-mate no drama

HEY everybody!

It’s definitely been an interesting week with us getting Luol Deng in a trade, changing numbers, our first West Coast trip of the year and getting to watch Saint Mary’s play.

All this happened and we also had two wins against Philadelphia and Utah, and a loss at Sacramento.

It has been a little bit strange to add a new team-mate halfway through the season, but Luol Deng (pictured), who we got from Chicago, is definitely going to help us win.

He has a lot of experience and is already helping us as a vocal presence in the locker room.

 A few people have asked about the number change.

Luol was pretty shy about asking, and said he would pick another number if I wanted to keep it.

Luol was pretty shy about asking, and said he would pick another number if I wanted to keep it - Matthew Dellavedova

When he asked me if I would consider changing he didn’t even tell me his reason.

The reason he wears number nine is that he is one of nine kids, so it's a dedication to his mum.

I certainly wasn’t going to mess with that!

I’m number eight now, which I wore a lot as a junior in Maryborough and Bendigo because that was my Dad’s number when he played.

I am number nine with the Australian Boomers and wore nine during summer league with the Cavs, but I am sure number eight will be lucky, too.

We are almost halfway through our West Coast road trip where we play five teams. I think everyone has been appreciating the warmer weather and some sunshine here in LA.

I got the chance to watch half of the Saint Mary’s Gaels play at home versus their rival Santa Clara.

The boys played well and got a good win.

It was great to catch up with the boys and the coaches, and pretty cool to sing the team song with the boys in the locker room after the win.

The next day we played in Sacramento. We had a tough loss.

It was great that the Saint Mary’s boys and coaches could come to the game, along with a lot of other Saint Mary’s people.

The team accommodation is always really good. 

We are staying in Beverly Hills while we are in LA, so I got to check out Rodeo Drive and other areas with my family.

The Golden Globe awards were on Sunday night, so the area was very busy.

After practice today, I got the chance to check out Santa Monica beach and get some sun, which I haven’t seen in a while!

Thanks everyone for the support, I appreciate it.

If anyone would like to hear about anything in particular, you can tweet to me @matthewdelly.

Have a great week!

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