A new season of art gets unveiled by local artist

A NEW exhibition celebrating the changing seasons of central Victoria has been unveiled at the Bendigo Pottery Café.

Local writer and multi-media artist Sharon Greenaway, who lives in Junortoun, is displaying her latest exhibition Microcosm until the end of February.

The imagery has been created with digital photograms and the images are life-size.

“It is an exploration of the remnants of what is left behind as the seasons change,” said Mrs Greenaway.

“The things I see where I live are a microcosm, a small fraction of the Victorian area.

“Really the name is telling people what it’s about; a close up of the seasons changing.

“I use found objects ad create images from there, it could be leaves or bark or whatever I find.

“I design the image and then I create it with a scanner rather than using traditional photographs.

“Using the scanner you get an incredible sharpness to the images.

“It takes a few hours.

 “I have done one with gum flowers called plop; so named for the sound the gum flowers make when they fall to the ground after the visiting Musk Lorikeets bite them off the trees.

“I collected them and scanned them on a background of black velvet.

“I love the sharpness and clarity.

“I think with most artists their favourite work is the most recent and this is my favourite.

“I have had lovely feedback about the exhibition.

 “It is a fabulous exhibition space.”

The exhibition runs until February 28 at the Bendigo Pottery Café in Epsom.

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