VIDEO/GALLERY: Bus driver trapped by live power lines after incident

VIDEO: Leigh Sharp

LATEST: 5PM: A bus driver had a lucky escape after driving into a live power line at Bendigo Station Friday.

The 47-year-old Seymour Coaches employee hit the power line after mounting a footpath around 9.30am.

The man, known only as “Peter”, remained in the vehicle as emergency services cut power to the line.

About 30 people in the vicinity of the bus were also evacuated from the area as a safety precaution.

The driver told police he had been directed into the power line.

But Leading Senior Constable Peter Bullock said the bus driver had been at fault.

“He was directed by a contractor to bring the bus to bay five,” he said.

“Instead of doing the normal loop, he’s driven over the footpath, over the parking bays and taken a bit of a shortcut.

“In doing so he’s collected a wire.”

The CFA cut power to the line and lifted it from the top of the bus.

“Obviously he should have stayed on the road rather than driving over the footpath and gutter,” Leading Senior Constable Bullock said.  

“There’s a contractor here who’s called a trotter.

“They give a generic hand signal (to) come around to the bay.

“Instead of going round the normal loop he’s decided to take a shortcut.”

Leading Senior Constable Bullock said there had been a minor risk to the public.

The bus, which was due to head to Melbourne, was empty at the time of the incident.

The driver, who lives in Locksley, was issued an infringement notice with a $144 fine.

He did not provide comment when approached by The Bendigo Advertiser. 

Buses have been used to transport people to Melbourne while works are undertaken on the train line. 

The power line was connected to a portable building. 

UPDATE: 11AM: A V/Line bus driver will receive an infringement notice for driving over a median strip and hitting a power line. 

The driver told police he had been directed over a footpath. 

But Leading Senior Constable Peter Bullock said the driver had been at fault. 

No-one was injured in the incident, but the driver was trapped in the bus for about 10 minutes as emergency services worked to remove the power line. 

The driver, known only as "Peter", did not comment when approached by The Bendigo Advertiser

UPDATE 9.55AM: A SITA bus driver has walked free from a bus after being trapped by a live power line at Bendigo Railway Station.

The driver told police he was directed over a median strip that resulted in the bus touching the wire.

Police are now talking to witnesses at the scene.

More to come...

EARLIER: A RESCUE operation is underway to free a bus driver trapped by live power lines after an incident at Bendigo Railway Station.

The bus appears to have taken a short cut over a median strip when it touched the power line.

The driver is still sitting in the bus.

There are conflicting reports on how many people were on bus at the time.

The SITA bus was operating a V/Line service replacing trains during Regional Rail Link works.

More to come...

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