Residents urged to clean up properties

Residents who have been issued fire prevention notices have been urged to clean up their properties. 

City of Greater Bendigo officers have inspected 4426 properties and issued 2338 fire prevention notices since inspections began on November 6 last year.

The notices asked residents to remove and reduce fire risks by cutting grass, removing ground fuel and other flammable material, and cutting firebreaks. 

Officers have recommenced inspections of properties issued with fire prevention notices. 

Property owners who have failed to comply with notices risk being issued with a penalty infringement notice, which carries a penalty of $1444. 

Fire Prevention Officer Eric Smith said it was too dangerous for property owners to ignore requests to clean up around their homes.

“Bendigo and surrounding areas have recently experienced high temperatures and grass fires, and overgrown grass, shrubs and leaf litter can accelerate the spread of fire, especially if there are embers flying around,” Mr Smith said.

The city is also continuing to carry out its own fire prevention works over the summer months, including grading and slashing in high risk areas.

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