Man thanks paramedics

A KENNINGTON  man who suffered a complicated cardiac arrest in 2012 says he owes his life to the five Strathdale paramedics who resuscitated him. 

Kennington man saved by Strathdale ambulance workers

Mel Boyd, 72, said he was at his Kennington home when he collapsed.

"My wife started CPR immediately and called the paramedics," he said.

 "She did that for 10 minutes, until the ambulance arrived."

Mr Boyd and 20 family members went to Strathdale Ambulance Station on Monday to personally thank the paramedics who helped him in July. 

"The paramedics showed us around the station," he said.

"They took me through what they did that day.

"They said I was incredibly lucky to still be alive.

The odds were explained to me and the odds were definitely against me. - Mel Boyd

"The odds were explained to me and the odds were definitely against me. 

"I am grateful."

Joan Boyd, who has been married to Mr Boyd for 50 years, said the paramedics did an extraordinary job. 

"I was told numerous times that Mel wouldn't make it," she said. 

"I asked the paramedics how sick he was.

"They said, 'he's as sick as a man can be before he is dead'.

"No-one thought he would survive.

"I performed CPR while I waited for the ambulance to arrive.

"I've worked in aged care for 20 years so I knew what to do.

"I heard him fall.

"I didn't think he would survive.

"The paramedics worked like Trojans on Mel. They were amazing.

"When we arrived at hospital, they were so comforting."

Mrs Boyd said going to the ambulance station was upsetting because it brought back memories of the incident. 

"I've had a couple of panic attacks because it's all flooded back," she said.

Strathdale Ambulance Station paramedic Andrew Semmens said he was humbled. 

"It's not often a patient will contact you to say thank you," he said. 

"It made us all very proud to do what we do.

"Two of the paramedics who attended to Mr Boyd were called away on Monday night to go to the horrible tragedy that occurred at Rosalind Park.

"They didn't get to meet Mr Boyd."

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