Power outages after Sedgwick fire

MORE than 60 people experienced power outages at the weekend after the fire at Sedgwick on Saturday.

A Powercor spokesman confirmed power was restored just after 11am on Sunday.

"There was a fire that had gone through so we had left those final customers off supply while the CFA dealt with the fire," he said.

"It was left off so the CFA could do a patrol to make sure there weren't any lines down.

"That's why those customers weren't back on until Sunday morning."

The spokesman said wild weather on Saturday evening had also caused more widespread power outages in Bendigo and surrounds.

"We had scattered outages," he said.

"Many of them were due to high winds.

"Also, because it was a Total Fire Ban day we address faults a lot differently than we normally do.

"We've got these things called Automatic Circuit Reclosers.

"Sometimes your power goes off for about 10 seconds and then comes back on - that's the Automatic Circuit Reclosers.

"So if something brushes up against the line it will try to turn the power back on quickly.

"That's disabled on Total Fire Ban days because if the lines hit the ground it could start a fire.

"And then also we patrol the whole line."

Harcourt North residents  Prue Walduck and Ada Milley told the Bendigo Advertiser they were disappointed it took so long to restore their power.

They were without power from 4pm on Saturday.

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