Family rush to rescue neighbours

NEIGHBOURS came to the rescue as fire engulfed a Bullengarook house with young children Thursday morning.

Tracee Perry said she heard cries for help as a blaze broke out in her next door neighbour’s home.

She said her husband, two sons and daughter rushed to the property to help.

“At about 5.45am this morning we were all asleep at our place,” Ms Perry said.

“We woke to our next door neighbour screaming out that his house was on fire.

“We all bolted up and I called triple-0.

“We all did what we could do to help.”

Ms Perry said her neighbours escaped the home, which they had moved into about a month ago.

“They’re pretty distraught,” she said.

“(The mother) is only two weeks off having another baby.

“So you really feel for them.”

Ms Perry’s children helped comfort the young family.

“I’m proud of my kids,” she said.

“They reacted very well and jumped up and did as much as they possibly could.”

Other neighbours also helped by donating blankets and bedding to the family.

“We’ve been going around all day to see how they are,” Ms Perry said.

“They’re going to find it really hard.

“Once it hits home I think it will hit very hard.”

A CFA spokesman said 25 firefighters battled the blaze, which took 40 minutes to bring under control.

The home was burnt to the ground in the fire, which was not being treated as suspicious.

Ms Perry said there had been little chance of saving the property.

“It went up so quickly,” she said.

“It was a matter of helping our neighbours and making sure they were safe, and making sure everything was under control.

“As long as everyone’s safe, that’s the main thing.

“You can always rebuild dreams.”

The incident follows a similar fire in Bendigo in the lead up to Christmas. 

A family of four were left homeless after their Flora Hill home was destroyed in a blaze. 

The community has rallied to support the young family by donating a range of goods. 

Family members had described the incident as overwhelming. 

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