No internet can have a big impact

SOCIAL media is a huge part of modern day society but not everyone has access to the internet at home.

The 2013 State of Bendigo's Children Report shows 76 per cent of Bendigo households with children living in them have access to the internet.

The figure has only increased from one per cent since the 2011 State of Bendigo's Children Report.

The report highlights the internet is becoming increasingly important and children who do not grow up familiar with computers may find their employment prospects significantly curtailed.

The First Quarter Leadership Group's interim co-chair Kim Sykes from Bendigo Community Health Services said having access to the internet was almost expected.

"It's the way many people find information," she said.

"People don't look through encyclopedias anymore, they use Google.

"And it's often how people retain friendships - their social contentedness is also impacted.

"So I suppose there's learning outcomes in terms of most people are assumed to have access but in terms of the capacity to be able to quickly access information and gather information.

"It's also in terms of your work-readiness.

"If you're not familiar with the computer and the internet then you're at a significant disadvantage when you enter the workplace as well."

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