Stowaway cat hitches ride from Lockwood

A CURIOUS kitten traveled 200km from Lockwood to Croydon South hiding under the bonnet of a car.

Barbara Larpent found the kitten, alive and well, when she arrived home after visiting a friend in Lockwood.

The Lockwood friend Viki McDonald spoke to the Bendigo Advertiser on Thursday morning.

"We don't have any cats on our property so we don't know where he's come from," she said.

"He's such a cute little thing.

"I think his name's changed about three times ... she's calling him Hitch at the moment."

The woman said her dogs had been sniffing around Ms Larpent's car when she went to drive off.

"We actually thought it might have been a snake," she said.

But after arriving back home in Croydon South Ms Larpent heard meowing and was shocked to find a kitten had hitched a ride by hiding under her bonnet.

The moggy wouldn't come out and Ms Larpent enlisted the help of neighbours and the RACV.

Ms Larpent said Hitch the kitten had become a bit of a celebrity with media outlets across the country picking up on the story. 

Ms Larpent joked she would have to get her new kitten an agent to coordinate all the media and public attention.

"It's a bit overwhelming," she said.

"I've had radio interviews and everything."

Ms Larpent plans to keep the kitten.

"I couldn't not keep him after all of that," she said.

"I originally called him Terri because of my car which is a Territory but I think the name we're going to stick with now is Hitch, because of family and public pressure.

"He's such a cute little thing."

Ms Larpent said Hitch is about six-weeks-old.

"I took him to the vet on Monday and he said he thinks he's probably between five and six-weeks-old," she said.

"He seems to be fine.

"He's eating and drinking, he's playful and purring like mad when you cuddle him."

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