Bendigo community outraged

COMMUNITY members have expressed their anger over damage to the Rosalind Park Christmas tree. 

More than 80 comments were made on the Bendigo Advertiser Facebook page. 

Julie Soap Maker Andrews wrote, "as a rate payer this is extremely disappointing as the council will have to spend more money in replacing the whole lot".

Travis Nolan said "every year this happens surely we have learnt by now".

Sharon Arthur said "my daughter is going to be very upset about this we were going to go down and take some photos".

Susan Freestone wrote, "what a shame that some people these days have no respect at all, if they get caught they should be made to pay for the damage".

Amanda Miller said, "soon enough there won't be a Christmas tree as people will have ruined it".

Beck Thompson said the incident didn't surprise her. "They'll get away with it," she wrote. 

"When there are no consequences, there is nothing to fear."

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