Don’t dump it, give it to Brad

BRAD MATTHEWS’ collection of fridges, washing machines and microwaves at his Eaglehawk home is made up of things he’s found in the Whipstick forest.

He said he didn’t understand why people dumped their household goods in the bush when they could give it to him for free.

Through his business – Tiger Iron – Mr Matthews collects “anything and everything” people want to get rid of and takes it to exchange at scrap metal services.

His backyard collection resembles a refuge centre for laundry and kitchen items.

All the disused household goods are stored at his home and salvaged for scrap to sell at waste collection services.

He said he was disappointed that so many people were going to great lengths to dump their waste in the forest.

“I’ve been out to the Whipstick forest and I’ve picked up freezers, dog kennels, homemade gym equipment. It’s looking worse each time,” he said. 

Mr Matthews said that on every single trip he had made through the forest he had collected a range of household goods.

He said his service – which offers an alternative to going to the tip or dumping waste – provided him with a mixed bag of goods.

“You get offered all sorts,” he said.

“A lady gave me an Australian flag one day and stubby holders. You get magazines, pushbikes, washing machines, motorcycle parts.

“Another lady gave me underarm deodorant products and shampoo. “ 

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