Count yourself lucky if you’re in a cool office

WITH scorching temperatures set to pass 40 degrees today, most people across the region will be trying to escape the heatwave conditions.

Some will be feeling the conditions worse than others as they work out in the elements.

Lifeguard James Chirgwin said it was likely to be one of the busiest days of the year at Bendigo Aquatic Centre.

He said there wasn’t much relief from the heat, except when the guards were rotated into the shade.

“We’ve got drinks and Zooper Doopers given out,” he said. “It gets to the stage where you actually hope that some of the kids splash you off the diving board, it gives you a bit of relief.”

Mr Chirgwin said he had worked most days of this summer and was starting to get used to spending days outside in the heat.

At Bendigo Undercar Centre mechanics, the hotter conditions were felt inside the work shed.

Owner Brad Ellis said he was making sure staff were doing everything they could to keep cool under their hot tin shed.

“It’s usually about five degrees hotter in there than it is outside,” he said.

“One day we had the thermostat in the corner and it got to 51 degrees. Normally we get in early and leave early if we can, otherwise we just get the fans running.”

Mechanic Johan Hafkamp said he wasn’t too bothered by the heat, but planned to drink lots of water.

For many tradesmen and other industries, the heat will mean a day off work.

Superior Roofing owner Robert McGrath said tiling roofs all day was too dangerous once the temperature was past the high 30s.

Keech Castings chief operating officer Cameron Watts said most employees were still on holiday but maintenance crews would be working early and given drinks and icy poles to keep hydrated. 

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