Eaglehawk bowls club damage angers

VANDALS have again targeted the Eaglehawk Bowling Club, slashing four shade sails and writing profanity outside the clubrooms. 

Life member Norm Grenfell said he was sick of the club being vandalised and was concerned that those responsible were carrying a knife. 

“They’re travelling with a pretty sharp knife to cut the shade sails,” he said. 

“Why they would be travelling with such a knife in the middle of the night? 

“It doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s enough to annoy you.” 

The incidents follows others in which the glass front door was smashed and golf balls were hit at the windows. 

Two names were written on chalk boards in the latest incident and the bowling green has also been damaged on several occasions.

“They should have a hard look at themselves in the mirror,” Mr Greenfell said.  

“We’ve got a nice set-up, as good as you get anywhere, but you get people who destroy it.

“They can’t be getting any pride from it.” 

Mr Grenfell said he discovered the damage yesterday and said police had visited the scene.

“We’re going to have to get a security camera,” he said. 

“The doors are all alarmed but it doesn’t cover the outside area.

“I hope we can catch the guys, or at least frighten them.”

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