Harcourt man’s Fiji holiday takes a turn for the worse

A HARCOURT man has described the cyclone that hit Fiji last night as “powerful”.

Cyclone Evan battered Fiji with winds of up to 200km/h, with the government warning that Evan could be the most destructive cyclone since 1993 to hit the island.

Kye Livingstone spent the night in a cyclone-proof dwelling at Smugglers Cove near Nadi and said the clean up had begun on the island.

“The beach is covered in weed and there are palm branches everywhere,” Mr Livingston said.

Mr Livingston said there has been no power or telecommunications since early yesterday but wifi is operating from the backup generator of the resort he is staying at.

The Harcourt Valley Vineyard marketing manager left last Saturday for an eight-day holiday.

Mr Livingstone's mother Barb said Kye was fully aware of the dangers when he left.

“It’ll be an experience. It was his choice to go. He knew it was coming.”

She said she was not worried about her son’s safety.

“He said if you don’t take risks then everyone should be fine. It’ll certainly be something he’ll remember forever.”

Mrs Livingstone is hoping his return to Australia won’t be delayed, as a family wedding is on the horizon on December 29. 

Flight Centre public relations manager Deana Tynan said the Bendigo store had only one traveller due to fly to Fiji this weekend. 

“The traveller is monitoring the weather patterns himself and going to decide later in the week whether he cancels or not,” she said.

Ms Tynan said most airlines were offering to waive any cancellation fees up until December 21.

Eaglehawk Cruise and Travel owner Sarah Wainwright said the cyclone was not putting anyone off booking holidays to Fiji.

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