Golden Square Kindergarten collects big for a worthy cause 

GOLDEN Square Kindergarten has collected thousands of five cent pieces to buy six iPads for children with autism.

Kindergarten students will present the gifts to the families at their end-of-year concert on Thursday night.

Golden Square Kindergarten director Carol O’Bree said the idea was born from discussions with children during the Paralympic Games.

“The children’s interest in the Games resulted in lots of discussion on how people learn when their bodies do not work like ours,” she said.

The kindergarten started up a collection of five cent coins to buy an iPad for a   family in need.

Before long, they had enough coins to fill a wheelbarrow and buy two iPads.

Real People ASD Talk Radio host Beck Kelly publicised the initiative on Phoenix FM and more people jumped on board.

Johansen Insurance, Steve Gibbons, Phil Redman, Bendigo Construction Services’ Melissa Gill and Ms Kelly all gave money to the cause, and iPad covers were donated by Uniquely Awesome Kids ASD resources’ Rachelle Fox.

Golden Square Kindergarten early childhood educators Danielle Walker and Vicki Fletcher raised more money by selling cards made by the children.

“It’s amazing that we have enough to give two iPads from our three groups,” Ms O’Bree said. 

Ms O’Bree said the children had gained a lot from the exercise.

“It’s a pretty big thing for them,” she said. 

“It’s great for the kids to see how they can give to others who are in need.

“We receive so much from the community, so it’s really good to give back.”

The kindergarten will continue to collect five cent pieces next year and work with children and parents to decide on a chosen project to donate to. 

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