New servo in Bendigo adds to competition

SEVERAL jobs have been created by the opening of a United petrol station in Bendigo this week. 

About 50 people from mainly local companies were employed in the construction of the High Street service station, and five people will be employed in ongoing roles.

Figures from the Australian Institute of Petroleum show unleaded fuel prices have been steadily declining in Bendigo since late October.

The most recent RACV figures show Bendigo’s fuel is the seventh cheapest in regional Victoria, noting competition is a key factor affecting local fuel prices. 

United Petroleum regional retail manager Stephen Filbey said the new station had replaced an old petrol station on the site and added independent competition to the area. 

“It’s been a few months that it’s taken to get to this level now,” he said. 

“To receive the new fuels, we’ve had to put in underground tanks. 

“In some cases the old tanks are still there, but we have put in some new works.” 

Mr Filbey said while installing the tanks was a specialised job, local workers had been involved. 

He said the new station sold E85, which had 85 per cent ethanol. 

“There are not many cars that can take this fuel yet,” he said. 

“It’s a first for Bendigo, absolutely. It’s basically made from grain and it’s better for the environment.”

Mr Filbey said motorists should be careful not to fill standard cars with E85 because it would cause damage.

“Just so customers are aware, they should check if their car can take it,” he said.  “Cars have to be modified to take it and only a few cars are manufactured to take it straight away.”

The station also stocks standard fuels, including unleaded and diesel.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Mr Filbey said of the opening.

“The idea is for people to be able to buy fuel within the CBD and we wanted to offer all types of fuel for everyone’s convenience.”

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