The environmental impact of burns is great 

Further to the accurate report on the destruction of our box ironbark flora by DSE burns in Saturday’s Addy, the loss of wildlife in these so-called fuel reduction burns is unforgiveable. 

There appears to be no consideration at all given to the displacement of uncountable species of birds, bugs, beetles and the like, many of which are indigenous to our forests, that are endangered in their own right. 

The public are not allowed to even pick up a stick from the forest floor for fear of destroying habitat, yet these environmental “custodians” can destroy it all without fear of consequences.

Repeated requests for “mercy’’ from many, many groups and individuals fall on completely uninterested ears. 

It appears that they have 

their quotas to meet and that’s that. End of subject.

It is too late to save much of our forest area now, but I call on more of the public to voice concerns over this very important issue.

It will be so sad to see our “bush” without our lovely little blue wrens and the like. They need this habitat intact, the way nature designed it.


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