James Bond is having his sexuality questioned

As Skyfall, the 23rd instalment in the James Bond franchise continues to break box office records - it took $US30.8 million ($29.6 million) on its opening night in the US, the most for a Bond film - fans and the stars are already looking to the next film and the next incarnation of the secret agent.

The Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin has revealed he screen-tested for the role, leaving us with a slim hope that there may yet be another Aussie 007, but it seems that's not enough of a change for some.

Naomie Harris, who stars opposite Daniel Craig in Skyfall, has said she thinks there will come a time when Bond might be black, or a woman. And no, she's not interested in the role.

''That definitely would not be me, though,'' she said. ''Just doing the little bit that I did in Skyfall was strenuous enough. I don't think that I'd be able to do that. But I could definitely see it happening.''

If Bond did change race, she suggested English actor Idris Elba, seen in Prometheus, would be the ideal choice. And one day she said, there could even be a gay Bond.

The character's sexuality has been questioned after a scene in Skyfall where he is bound and caressed by the latest Bond villain, played by Javier Badem. ''What makes you think this is my first time?'' 007 asks in a line that has sent his fans into a fever of speculation. Not his first time being tortured we knew, but what else was he hinting? Is Bond, a renowned womaniser, hiding a secret? And if so is he ever likely to come out of the closet?

''No,'' Craig emphatically said. ''Because he's not gay.''

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