Labor responsible for strong economic position

Peter Wiseman’s response to Ken Price (“A change of federal government is inevitable”, Bendigo Advertiser, Friday, November 9) displays the same kind of inconsistencies that we see from the federal coalition leader and the opposition Treasury spokesman.

Had the Rudd government listened to Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey and not gone into debt, Australia would not now be the only western economy to emerge from the global financial crisis with real economic growth, low unemployment and a budget that continues to spend on education and health.

Having opposed Labor’s mining tax, Mr Wiseman, along with Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey, now bemoan the fact that it has yet to raise any income. This is breathtaking hypocrisy. 

Surely if you oppose a tax then you don’t want it to succeed.

In place of an economic program that we can all analyse exhaustively, the Coalition gives us wild promises about surpluses with figures that if we ever see them don’t even add up. 

Australian Labor is now recognised around the world as strong in economic management.

Mr Wiseman proves that old story that a prophet is never praised in his own village, but of course that will always be the case when you don’t let the facts get in the way.

Hans Paas,



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