Dating course really just a numbers game

IT'S midday on a Saturday and four young men loiter outside Starbucks at Circular Quay.

As a woman walks past, four heads move in unison, as if watching a tennis match. Then with a small amount of discussion between the four, one runs after the girl and begins to talk to her as the other three watch.

This is a dating course in action.

Justin and Paul, 28, and Andrew, 35, are on their first ''practical class'' of the 12-week course called ''Sincere Seduction Intensive'' with instructor Adam Rose, 33.

Their challenge is to approach seven women, tell them they are ''cute'' and ask for their number.

''If a guy can't attract a girl or get a girlfriend and be in a relationship, you don't feel very complete as a man,'' says Adam, who became a coach at The School of Attraction two years ago after completing the course himself. ''I see it as personal development.''

Thirty minutes in and Justin, a tanned body builder who works in hospitality, is yet to approach a girl. He shows me a picture of his ''type'' - a girl he doesn't know but whose image he found on the internet. She has brown hair, blue eyes, big breasts, big lips, is tanned and very thin. It's Megan Fox.

Justin has been involved in three long-term relationships. He aims to be ''100 per cent'' in everything he does. But dating girls outside his social circle is not scoring so highly.

''I've seen plenty of 7/10 girls today, but I'm looking for the 10/10,'' he says.

''Don't worry about standards, just do it,'' Paul cuts in.

Paul has already approached two girls. Neither of them would give him their number.

Paul is an accountant and has never had a girlfriend. He is after a girl who will snuggle up with him on a Sunday night and watch cartoons such as Family Guy.

How much is the course based on looks? I ask Adam. ''In terms of the girls they are going for, as long as they are pretty enough, and as long as the guys are attracted to them, they should go up and talk to them. If they're not attractive then they shouldn't really talk to them.''

A good-looking blonde woman with a green shirt has just walked past us. ''What do you think about this one, man? She's cute,'' Adam encourages Justin.

Justin returns numberless. He froze and left, he says.

''If you don't do it, then she'll probably feel pretty rejected. If you're at home and you're bored at night, you might call her up and say, let's go for coffee. She might have cute friends, you never know, but just get her number.''

''So true,'' Justin says.

The session ends and all three students have approached seven girls. Andrew and Paul each have two numbers and two Facebook adds. Justin has four numbers.

At the end of the $3500 course the results will be visible, Adam says.

''Some of them get a hot girlfriend, some of them don't but, like, they all get skilled at it,'' he says.

Adam now has one ''main girlfriend'' and is seeing another three girls ''on the side''.

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