Bendigo beauty eliminated from TV show

THE location of Gallipoli proved to be Greta Gay’s downfall on Beauty and the Geek when the Bendigo beauty was eliminated from the show last night.

Ms Gay answered China when asked what country Gallipoli was in. 

This, along with geek Yiran not knowing the gift Jay Z and Beyonce gave their daughter, led to the couple’s removal, leaving only four couples left in the reality television show.

“I was totally devastated; I didn’t want to leave,” Ms Gay said. 

“I said I was going to tie myself to the chairs.”

The 22-year-old said she was grateful for how long she got to spend in the Beauty and the Geek mansion in Sydney.

She witnessed the long-awaited geek makeovers, including that of her love-interest Rich.

“It was amazing; they all look so different. 

“There were some really big changes and all of them were really good looking under all the hair.” 

She said there was more than just an image-makeover for some of the geeks.

“A few of them got so cocky, especially around ladies. I thought it was good, though.”

The currently unemployed Ms Gay said life for her since Beauty and the Geek started airing had been “crazy in a good way”. 

But she also said she was keen to find a job in make-up artistry and regain her normal life after the show.

“I’m just going to try to find a job wherever I can and go back to normal life.”

Ms Gay said her time on the show was the best experience of her life.

“I don’t regret anything except getting my questions wrong.

“The whole experience was so great. I made heaps of new friends.”

KICKED OFF: Greta and Yiran have been eliminated from Beauty and the Geek.

KICKED OFF: Greta and Yiran have been eliminated from Beauty and the Geek.


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