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6 Simple Updates For A Stylish Home This Season

6 Simple Updates For A Stylish Home This Season

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This season it's time to add a few upgrades to your living space. But, as we get online to look up new interior styles we can begin to feel overwhelmed, where do you even begin?

We're here with the best updates for this Winter to have your home feeling brand new with just a few simple changes.

Look Into Lighting

When looking to upgrade elements of your interiors for a beautiful looking home, you first have to assess the lighting. The way the light hits a room can significantly change the feel of the space, and if you're still stuck with heavy curtains then your room will begin to feel dated and the lighting will be disrupted by the shadowing of the bulky material.

Instead, opt for something like roller blinds. This sleek alternative can be modified to let as much or as little light into your home as you choose. They are less likely to date due to their minimalist appearance and can be fitted to any space perfectly.

Alternatively, for a similar effect, look into shutters; this gives a similar result in that you can modify the amount of light that is let into each room, and they give a sleek and dateless finish to your home.

As well as the kind of blinds or curtains you opt for in your home, it's important to consider artificial lighting too. As the lighting you put within your home will directly affect the ambience of it.

For cool winters, switch up your globes from a harsh, bright white light to a soft, warm gold light, this will create a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

Picking floor lamps that double as decor is also a fantastic option as it gives an element of interest to your homes style whilst also allowing you to add luminescence to your home without needing to turn on overhead lights. This feels more cosy and welcoming.

Revisit A Retro Theme

With temperatures plummeting its time to add some colour and vibrancy back into the theme of your house. Whilst classic whites and eggshells add tasteful elegance to the home, why not try something more playful and full of personality this Autumn/Winter season?

Take a page out of the seventies with a funky, patterned wallpaper. This will make your home feel more unique and will transform it into a place that you actually want to spend all of your time in.

Get comfy in some oversized bean bag chairs, initially found in the seventies but can be found today reimagined for the modern age; or perhaps if you're feeling bold, grab yourself a shag rug to sink your heels into after a long day - the bolder the colour, the better.

If you're looking for something a little less vibrant but still just as fun, travel back a decade further, to the sixties.

Here you can find bohemian-chic inspiration for your home. Inject a perfect mix of classic and modern with wood pannelling, a sixties staple that is now a modern mainstay.

Or, if you're wanting to venture out just a little more, then add a bar cart to your home. Both an interior and a useable fixture for your home, the barcart originated back in the sixties and these days can be found in funky colours and materials at varying different price points.

Colour Block

A really fun way to introduce colour into your home this season is to colour block.

Colour blocking can be as vibrant or demure as you feel comfortable with and will definitely make you the envy of your circle with an incredibly interesting interior style.

Going for opposing colours like navy and orange look incredible and bring back a little bit of playfulness to an adult space.

Start small with a feature wall if you're feeling a bit apprehensive as to what the colours will look like within your space. Once you're feeling a little bit more brave, add more colours to different rooms, bonus points if there is no overlap of shades.

Go Green

Do you want to add life to your home, in a literal sense? Then it's time to bring in an army of houseplants. Houseplants are the ultimate way to add colour, life and a point of interest to a space, all in one.

They breakup heavy interiors and bring the outside inside. Plus, there is a plethora of different kinds, and different maintenance levels to choose from. Are you a serial plant killer? Then cover your home in the cool, and low maintenance cactus, or succulent.

If you're looking for a plant to satisfy your maternal instincts or art-deco tastes, than the Monstera is for you. Resembling a swiss cheese, this plant is uniquely beautiful and will add a point of interest to any home.

Declutter Your Space

An incredibly simple way to make your home look all the more stylish without spending a single penny is to declutter your space.

We are all guilty of adding one too many knick-knacks around the house be it because they're sentimental, from a friend, or just forgotten about. And then, there's the addition of old cords from our technology lying about, books, papers, and just general bits and pieces you can throw or put away.

Decluttering your home makes everything that is left out look all the more purposeful and interesting. You'll barely recognise your home by the time you're done.

Fix The Finishes

A telltale sign of a home that needs a helping hand is old finishes. This could be old door handles that no longer fit the style of the home, or chipped paint along skirting boards.

So, grab that paint paint brush or head to the store, it's time to fix these little touches. Door handles that match the overall interior style, look much more cohesive.

You may not even consciously notice it, but this is the sign of good finishes, it's only a problem if you start to notice them sticking out like a sore thumb.

As well as this, the devil is in the detail, so if your details aren't up to scratch, the whole home loses a little bit of its style. Fixing these aspects up will have your friends and family saying "wow".

Home is where the heart is, so why not make your home beautiful and stylish this season? Add some fresh light, and a plant or two, or maybe paint a wall and fix a finish for a fabulous space that you want to spend those chilly evenings in.

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